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The new £10 note has been successfully introduced and the old fabric £10 note will be removed in march 2018. it will soon be time to re-program to remove the old £10

MES is already updating the:

  • BNA55,56,57
  • Cashflow SC/SCL/SCN
  • Innovative Technology NV9/11 and NV10
  • Cashcode MFL standard and Bill to Bill
  • MEI BNR Recyclers

For the latest information or to book your product upgrades, please contact a member of our Sales team on 01276 36349 or email: sales@microelec.co.uk

Introduction of the new £1 coin - The round pound is no longer legal tender. The new 12 sided £1 coin.

Better by design.

On Sunday 15th October, the round £1 coin lost its legal tender status. This means that you can no longer spend them.

For the latest information about the new £1 coin and Frequently Asked Questions please visit



The business park that we are on is being redeveloped to a retail park. MES is relocating to larger premises in another section of the business park in 2018.

We will keep you updated.

Crane Payment Innovation - Product Consolidation

Following the purchase of MEI by the Crane Group and the formation of Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) in December 2013 the company has continued to revue its product range. As a result the company has decided to discontinue the Cashflow 95xx coin mechanism product range and the Ardac Elite note reader. Select the appropriate option for further information of the obsolescence process for the Cashflow 95xx or the Ardac Elite.


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