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  Micro Electronic Services
  Unit 19 Admiralty Way
Camberley Surrey
GU15 3DT
  TEL: 01276-36349
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Electronic Service Solutions
In today's competitive marketplace, out-sourcing non-core business activities such as equipment repair and customer support functions, is the key to increasing business cost efficiency and significantly improving customer relations through fast turnaround times. As companies strive to reduce their fixed costs, more are looking to close their repair operations and have Micro Electronic Services provide their service solution.

Micro Electronic Services' strength in service specialisation, our technical skills, responsiveness, innovative customer support systems, ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and many other factors combine to give our customers an overall level of service many would find impossible to implement themselves.
Repair Warranty
The cornerstone of Micro Electronics Services operation is that every repair carried out is supported by a 90 day Free of Charge parts and labour repair warranty. Every warranty failure is identified and analysed, and the company continuously works to drive down any warranty repairs.


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